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One of a Kind Wearables
Silk Jacket
Double layer silk georgette jacket - screen printed and hand painted, underlayer dyed to match

Tunic Top
    Silk Scarves
Screen printed and hand painted silk with dyed contrasting silk yoke and sleeve bands

Process: Starting with yardage and not a stock pre-made garment allows me to completely control how the design I print on the fabric lays on a garment and wraps and fits the body. I lay the pattern out on the fabric before printing so I can design where the pattern lays when the garment is worn.  This makes each piece truly one of a kind.
A beautiful unique scarf makes an outfit!
I like to create new and different scarf shapes and patterns in addition to doing the actual printing of the design on the fabric.
Some of these new scarves are shaped around the neckline so they lay smoothly with less bulk, and some have dyed-to-match silk georgette ruffles.
I usually have a selection available, please email for information.
Pricing for scarves: $60.00  - $140.00  

Woman's Tallis
Swing Vests
Double layer silk georgette vest - screen printed and hand painted, underlayer dyed to match 
oldies but goodies:
The new necktie - printed cotton canvas!
Long Tunic
Screen printed and hand painted silk  georgette with dyed 
underlayer to match

fringed shawl
Red Autumn Jacket
Viscose rayon and silk 
screen printed and hand painted